How can I adjust my calendar?

Every person is different that is why you can change calendar view settings so that they will suit you the best. How can you do it and what changes can you make?

In calendar view you have two sections:

  1. general settings
  2. calendar view - mostly connected with making calendar easier and more clear for you to view

1. General settings


Here you can:

- choose which days you want to have in your calendar view -by clicking corresponding letters of the day
- choose if you want to see all 24 hours of the day or just the practice working hours 
- block patients from double booking appointments
- decide if you want to see canceled appointments (by you or by patients) as crossed out or you want them to be completely gone

2. Calendar view settings


Here you can:

- determine if you want to color code services or calendars - depends of your practice and what is better for you. For example if you provide only one service but have few calendars - choose color coding calendars to differentiate. If you have only one calendar but provide many services - choose color coding services to have better view of what awaits for you each day.
- decide if you want your bookings to have light background and dark font or dark background and light font 
- choose how close do you want the distance between hours to be
- make your calendar view even more clear. Try out the grids sizes and adjust it to correspond to your needs. Depending on how much appointments you have in one hour you can change the distance to correspond to 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or even 60 minutes.