Bookings management

How can I move or duplicate an appointment in the calendar?

You can duplicate bookings directly in your calendar. You can also move bookings to another day or week.

Use the right button to copy & paste or move a booking. 🖱


Move appointments [bookings] between days or weeks. 

To move an appointment from one day or week to another, you must point at the appointment and click the right button of your mouse. Once the event is copied you can paste it by clicking again your mouse on any slot in the calendar.


Copycyt update PL


When you move an appointment, you add the new appointment to yours or your doctor’s calendar. Depending on the option you chose [copy or cut the appointment], the appointment can be either duplicated or removed (moved) from one day to another. 


Also, whenever you move [cut] or duplicate [copy] the appointment, you will be able to instantly notify the patient about the change.


  1. Open Docplanner Calendar [day, week]. 

Currently, the right click only works in the daily and weekly view 🖱

  1. Select the booking you want to move or duplicate.
  2. Chose one of the options [copy/cut].
  3. Whenever you want to move the appointment, tap the place of the calendar and paste the booking using the right click button. 
  4. Select to exactly what time you want to move the booking.
  5. If you wish, notify the patient about the change made.

In the right corner of the calendar you will see the confirmation of the change made. You do not need to save anything else.