Secretary personal account

How does a secretary's personal account work?

Get to know the key information on how to handle a secretary account and which actions you can perform with it

You, as a secretary, can have a personal account linked to the calendar of the practice or the clinic you work for. For that to happen, the manager of your workplace has to send an invitation to your email. After successfully accepting the invitation, you will have your own access to the calendar of your medical center.

To easily access Docplanner in your daily life, we recommend that you add the link to your favorites bar. To do so, simply type the URL on your browser and click on the star (1) placed on the right side of it. Next time you open your browser, the Docplanner’s icon will be easily accessible (2).


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Once you log in with your credentials, you will be straightly redirected to the calendar page of the doctor or the clinic that you work for, being able to manage it.

If your personal account is linked with more than one doctor, but they are not part of the Docplanner's Clinic solution, you will have to choose which calendar you would like to manage at the login stage. Once you are logged in, you can click on the avatar button (1) to easily switch from one calendar to the other (2). 


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All actions you perform in the calendar with your personal account will reflect on the calendar of the doctor or the clinic your work for. Other users of your workplace will be able to see them whenever they log in to the platform. So, if you add a visit to a doctor’s calendar, for example, he/she will be able to it see using his/her account.

Based on your daily tasks and attributions, the person that manages your workplace will grant you access to the features that you need to use on the platform. The features enabled for your use, can be checked on the top left bar of the platform.

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If you need to access extra features to perform your job, you can always ask the person with the master access to the platform to adjust your permissions. 

Your personal account will allow you to work with the calendar and its features, but does not grant you a personal profile on Docplanner’s Marketplace or access to edit the Marketplace of the doctor(s) or clinic that you are working for.

And last, but not least, with your personal account on the platform, you will be up to date on all the new features that are being developed to improve your work routine and make it even more practical on a daily basis. Stay tuned! 😎