Docplanner Integration

How to confirm patient's appointment?

Confirming appointments can limit the number of no-shows. With Docplanner integration you can easily reach patients who didn't confirm their visits yet.

How to enable the funtion?

Visit confirmation is an additional function that needs to be enabled by a user with manager permissions. To enable, go to Docplanner Phone Settings > General settings and switch on the function using the toggle.

From the moment you switch it on, visits scheduled in the Calendar that don't have a confirmation will appear as tasks in Docplanner Phone. 

Visit confirmation tasks appear for today and the next working day.

How to resolve a visit confirmation task?

To resolve, you need to contact the patient by clicking on the Confirm button. 

This will initiate an outgoing call to patient. 

Once the patient answers the call you will have the option to set the outcome of the converstation: Confirm, Cancel or Reschedule the appointment.

All of the options are integrated with Docplanner, so whatever you choose here will be reflected in the Calendar. If you select the "Reschedule" option, you will be moved to patient's profile in Docplanner where you can set the new date for an appointment. 

If you can't reach the patient or don't need to confirm a specific appointment you can also archive the task by clicking on the three dots and selecting the Archive option.

Visit confirmation tasks will be archived automatically after the scheduled appointment time passes.