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How to import contacts from application?

Import patient contacts from your phone through our mobile App in a few simple steps and have it synchronized with the system.

(photo with QR codes for both iOS and Android) 

This option saves time and gives you total control over which contacts you are importing. How to do it?

General information:
- you can import contacts from Sim card and Internal memory
you need contact to have minimal information of name and surname to be successfully imported.

Importation process

After downloading application Docplanner for doctors you need to log in with your login and password - those are the same as used for logging in into Docplanner computer system. 

a. In the application go to "Patients" -> tap "import contacts" in the pop up shown at the top of your screen.
If you do not see this path - go to "Account" -> tap "Import contacts" -> tap allow access.

b. The application will move you to permission section on your phone. When you allow contact information go back to application - if it doesn't work close and open application. 

c. Then choose contacts you want to import - you can import all by selecting the "select all" box (photo) or choose which contacts you want imported manually. After that click on "Import X contacts" button. [GDPR COUNTRIES VERSION] - in the pop up select "continue" if those patients are agreeing for marketing communication or "continue without agreement" if not. With the agreement patients contacts will be created with the possibility to receive campaigns, without it patients contacts will be created without the possibility to receive campaigns.

<GIF with the process - version for each country>

All your contacts are now in your system.