How to log into a workstation?

Logging into a workstation allows you to answer calls from patients. In DocPlanner Phone you get to choose which device you want to use for answering calls at any given moment.

After logging into DocPlanner Phone you will be asked to choose a workstation.

This is an important step - without choosing a workstation you will not be able to answer incoming calls from patients or make callbacks.

To choose a workstation simply click on the name of the workstation you want to use.

Next to the name of a workstation you will see the information about what type of workstation you’re choosing. 

What if you want to change a workstation after logging in?

If you need or want to change the workstation, you can do that without logging out.

  • Just click on your initials or profile picture  in the top right corner of the screen
  • Select “Change workstation” option and choose the preferred workstation on the next screen.


If your daily tasks include answering phone calls, be sure to log into a workstation at the beggining of your workday! 😊