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How to manage administrative documentation?

Learn how to generate administrative documentation to better manage paperwork in your practice.

Thanks to our calendar you can easily create ready to print personalized administrative documents. To make things easier we already provided a necessary template Justification of the visit. Continue reading to learn how to access pre-defined template and how to create your own templates. 


Usage of our pre-defined templates not only speeds up the administrative work, but also provides more security. 


Accessing pre-defined templates for administrative documents. 

At the moment we offer one pre-defined template: Justification of the visit. The text of the Justification of the visit can be customized thanks to the smart fields. Each document is encrypted and stored in the corresponding patient’s file. 

<video- where to find documents> 

  1. Open Patient's Card. 
  2. Select Files.
  3. Click the button "Generate document" 
Currently, we offer one pre-defined template, but you can easily create your own templates! Also, feel free to suggest us what kind of templates we should prepare for you! 

4. Choose the type of the document you want to generate. 

5. Check if the right appointment is connected to the visit. 

[ We upload here the latest visit, but you can always change it.] 

6. Click the button save.


Create your own template. 




1. Open the settings. 

2. Choose Documents and Templates. 

3. Click the button "create a template".

4. Make your own template. 

Usage of the smart fields will allow you to automatically personalize the template for each patient. 

5. Click the button "save template". 


By using templates for your documents you ensure a unified documentation standard and can share them among all your staff. This process also makes storage more secure, since the documents will be encrypted in the patient record.

You will find below the responses to the most frequently asked questions regarding this topic:


1. Can I edit or delate saved templates?

2. Why cannot I edit Justification of the visit template? 

3. Who has access to templates? 

4. Why my secretary cannot create her/his own template? 

5. What are the smart fields and how to use them? 


1. Can I edit or delete saved templates?

Of course you can! All the templates created by you are editable and can be deleted. 

Click the icon ✏️  and follow the instruction from "create your own template".  

2. Why cannot I edit Justification of the visit template? 

Justification of the Visit is not editable by now, but soon you will be able to copy it and edit it.

3. Who has access to templates? 

The saved templates are accessible to all of your teammates with "patients permissions" - what do we exactly mean here by saying patients' permissions? How are they called in a saas? 

4. Why my secretary cannot create her/his own template? 

The employees using the secretary account need the permission to "Settings". Without it, they won't be able to create own templates. Click here to learn how to grant a permission.  

5. The smart fields allow you to fully customizable and automatically filled your documents.  Eg: When you select the smart field "Patient - Full Name", the name of the patient for whom you are creating the document is automatically filled in based on the data added in their file. You will find 3 categories of smart fields to use according to your needs:

  • Patient data - such as name, ID document, etc.
  • Appointment data - such as date, time, etc.
  • Clinic or specialist data - such as address, e-mail, etc.