How to report bad call quality?

If your call has bad quality, please report it to let us investigate and fix the problem. (6)-1

How to report?

You can report poor call quality directly on task while you are on the call with a patient - to do so, click the label visible at the bottom of the task.

The label will be visible during the call and briefly after finishing it. After this time the label will disappear.

If you want to report a call that's finished and doesn't have the label anymore you need to:

  • Click on the task to open it
  • Click on the "!" button next to the call recording:

This will open another modal, where you will be able to select the exact issues related to this call:

Choose the problems that appeared during your call and then click Confirm to send the report.

What happens after you report a call?

Your Customer Success Specialist will receive the information about the call you reported and will be able to investigate it further.

👉 Please remember that bad quality of calls can be caused by different factors, including the connection on patient's side.