How to set a reminder on a task?

When postponing a task, it's easy to forget about acomplishing it on time. The reminders feature lets you set a specific time, at which you will be alerted about the task.

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How to create a reminder?

To create a reminder, click on an open task, in Pending or To Do tabs. Under the comments field you will find the reminders section, where you can select when you want to be reminded about the task. Choose from one of the default times (10 minutes, 1 hour, 5 hours, tomorrow at 9:00 a.m.) or add your custom time and set it to a specific date and time.

What happens after the reminder is set?

After selecting the time, the task will automatically move to the To Do tab. You can view and edit it there. Once the time is up, the task will come back to Pending with an expired reminder icon, to make it more visible. 

⚠ When coming back to Pending, the task doesn't change the ownership. It means that when you created a reminder on an answered call assigned to you, the task in Pending will be visible to you and anyone with manager permissions. If prior to the reminder the task wasn't assigned to anyone - for example an unanswered call - then it will be visible to everyone after coming back to Pending. 

Deleting the reminder causes the task to come back to Pending immediately.