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How to set up and use Voicemail self-service?

Setting up a voicemail has never been as easy as it is now, you can do it in 5 minutes, all by yourself, in few simple steps. 

In this article you will learn:
  1. Where to find Voicemail activation
  2. What is "blacklisted" number
  3. How to activate the Voicemail
  4. How to test it if the activation was successful
  5. What to do if the test of the Voicemail has failed
  6. How to deactivate your voicemail and when to do it

1. How do I find Voicemail activation

Go to "Settings" and select Voicemail - the process will begin and you will be guided through it from start to finish.


2. What does "exclude (blacklist) numbers" mean?

If you do not want specific people to hear your voicemail (co-workers, family) you can add them to blacklist during activation process or later on. People added there can call you but will not hear your voicemail communicate. This function will appear after the Voicemail activation is finished.


3. How activate the Voicemail

If you want to activate the product go to our configuration page and follow the instructions. To begin go to Settings, then Voicemail and start the process. 


4. How to test it if the activation was successful?

After activation of the Voicemail the key to success is NOT ANSWERING THE TEST CALL. We will simulate a missed call, as if a patient was calling you and then couldn’t reach you. For that reason, it’s important that you don’t pick up this call. Please wait, while doing nothing, until your phone stops buzzing and the incoming call disappears.

Just click the blue button at the 3 step of activation and do nothing. 


5. What to do when test of the Voicemail has failed?

The test might fail as well - that will happen if after running the test our system won't receive an information that the message was played

If something didn't work:

  1. Call your own phone number from a different phone, do not answer the call, and, after a few rings, check if you can hear the voicemail message at the end.

    Could you hear the message?
  2. If you heard the message, click “run test again”.

Still not working? In that case you should:

  1. Switch off wifi on your phone
  2. Dial the code #002#. This code cleans all the answering machines that may be active on that phone number (including a traditional voicemail you might have)
  3. Deactivate the call waiting service. It's in phone settings: iPhone: Settings -> Phone -> Call forwarding (make sure it's off). Android: Tap on phone as you wanted to make a call -> tap on menu (often three dots in upper right corner) -> select Settings -> Calls -> Additional settings -> Turn on Call waiting
  4. Proceed with the activation of the service as we have always said using the code that is shown to you during the voicemail configuration process
  5. Do a test. If it works, you can skip the later steps in this instructions.
  6. If that doesn't work, repeat code #002# again to clear the previous settings and then try the three individual codes shown during the configuration process.
  7. If you nedd further assistance, please contact your Docplanner assistant.

Now try to re-run the test on our interface.

If the test still fails - the redirection is most likely unavailable due to the technical issue on the mobile carrier side. In some cases the redirections are blocked by the mobile carriers. The only option to activate them is contacting the carrier support team and asking specifically for unlocking the conditional redirections. 


6. How to deactivate your voicemail and when to do it?

Your Voicemail can be desactivated any time you want. There is no way to "pause" it for selected period of time, you can only turn it off and turn it on back again when you want it. 

To deactivate the Voicemail  go to Settings, Voicemail and select "deactivate voicemail".


Please type the code #002# on the mobile phone with your number (entered in the frst step of activation) and press the “Dial” button. Then a screen will appear that will confirm it’s done. If you have any problem, please call your Docplanner assistant to deactivate the voicemail for you. 

Please know that Voicemail services = call forwarding services and are under your telecom provider and additional fee may be charged. It is because Voicemail is considered a forwarded call.

⚠️ If your work phone is also your private phone take that additionally into consideration while travelling abroad as the tarrifs change.