Messaging with patients

How to share mass information with all your patients booked for a specific dates at once?

Sending messages separately to each patient consumes a lot of time. Whenever you have to communicate important information to all your patients or to a selected group of patients who have their visit booked for a specific dates, do it through chat.

In this article you will find out how: 


1. Open the ZnanyLekarz system and go to the Appointment List in your Calendar

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2. Tick the square next to the PATIENT section or select individual patients you want to communicate with 


3. Start a mass conversation with the patients - enter the message in the bar below or use ready-made templates. If necessary, you can attach a file to the conversation.



🧐 Informing patients about cancelled appointments requires a lot of time and preciseness. With a few clicks you can quickly inform a selected group of patients about any change in their visits like for example delays or cancellations. After sending the message, you will see when the patient reads it what gives you a guarantee that the patient is well informed 👇



👀 Patients tend to forget about the visit date even though they were reminded about it a few days before. Moreover, pre-visit instructions are also very hard to remember for most of them. You can easily reduce patients' no-show by sending mass messages to all patients a day before the visit 👇