How to mark calls as unanswered?

Outgoing calls that go into voicemail can be difficult to distinguish from actual conversations with patients. You can increase their visibility by marking them as unanswered.

How to mark a call as unanswered?

  1. Click on the task to expand it
  2. Find the call you want to mark as unanswered
  3. Click on the three dots next to the call 
  4. Select "Mark as unanswered"

Marking the call as unanswered will cause the recording to disappear and the call status to change.


⚠ The function of marking calls as unanswered is available for outgoing calls only. This includes: tasks for outgoing calls in Pending and To-do, as well as the visit confirmation tasks and contact form tasks (if your clinic uses these functions).

Marking calls as unanswered should only be done when your call went to voicemail and the conversation with the patient didn't take place. Thanks to marking the outgoing calls appropriately, it will be easier to keep track of all of the tasks that you need to get back to.