Secretary personal account

What features do I have access to with my personal secretary account?

Understand how the permissions to features are defined for secretaries

If you have your own account in Docplanner as a secretary, it is because the doctor that manages your practice or the manager that manages your clinic invited you to join their calendar. 

Whenever they sent you this invitation, they analyzed which kind of tasks and attributions you have in your daily routine, and grated you access to the ones you need perfectly perform your job. That way, you can only focus on the data and tools that are essential to you.

If you need access to extra futures, talk to the person who owns the master account of the platform. He or she will be able to adjust your permissions.


If your manager does not know how to do it, you can share the article How to add calendar users and manage their permissions with him or with her


As a secretary, you will have access to the Calendar of the doctor(s) or clinic that you are working for to better manage it. If you work for a doctor that has an individual subscription you can also be granted access to manage his/her profile in the Marketplace.