Add a new to-do task

You can improve managing patient-related tasks by adding them in the to-do tab!

If you want to create a new task that will be a reminder for you, instead of noting it down on paper you can simply add it in Docplanner Phone interface. 

💭 Let's say a patient came to the reception desk after their appointment and requested to be notified once we have their test results. 

You can add a task that will remind you about this in the to-do tab.


First, click on "Add new to-do"

A new window will appear on your screen: 

  • Write down a comment, eg. "call back with test results"

  • Select the patient form contact base:

  • Or, if the patient's details are not in your contact base, add them manually:


After adding a to-do task:

  • You can dial a patient by clicking on the Call now button:

  • Or archive the task by clicking on the three dots and choosing the Archive button:

💡 Tasks added in this tab will be visible for every user.