Getting started

What are the advantages of using Docplanner Phone?

Docplanner Phone is an easy and intuitive tool for managing telephone traffic in medical facilites. Have a look at its main advantages!

Implementing Docplanner Phone in a clinic can help with a range of different issues: organization of phone traffic, optimizing reception work and controlling efficiency of marketing channels, just to name a few. There are many advantages, both for managers and receptionists. 


❓ So, how exactly can Docplanner Phone help in your everyday work? The main advantages include: 

👉🏻 For receptionists: 

  • Visible queue of patients - it gives you information about who is calling and how long they are waiting in line. This insight can help you with better time managment for your calls.
  • Easy callbacks - all unanswered calls are in one place; with a callback button it only takes one click to call a patient back.
  • Organized tasks - no more writing tasks in notebooks or on sticky notes! All tasks will be gathered in to do tab, making accomplishing tasks easier and more organized. They can also be shared between team members which makes handing tasks over much quicker.
  • Access to call recordings - you can easily come back to any conversation with a patient to check for needed information.

👉🏻 For managers: 

  • Access to statistics panel that allows for checking the numbers of calls that the facility receives, as well as a heatmap of calls to help with scheduling receptionists' shifts so that they are matched with the patients' demand.
  • Data about most common subjects of conversations with patients, which allows for taking direct action to promote less popular specializations.
  • Virtual numbers that can be used for your marketing campaigns to help control efficiency of marketing actions by checking the conversion rate for each number.
  • A compound search tool that can be useful in helping patients solve their issues, evaluating employees and easily accessing conversations that you are interested in.

Docplanner Phone can also be easily adjusted to your needs and workflow, to make your work better and more organized! ⭐