Social Media

Communicate your Online Consultation service on your social networks

Inform patients who follow you on your social networks that they can have visits with you during this second wave of COVID-19 through your online consultations

If you are still preparing to offer online consultation for your patients, we recommend that you view the article: Make sure you are available for online consultation.

Make posts on your Facebook page

To increase the visibility of your online query for your followers on Facebook, we recommend that you take advantage of these two options:

1. Set a cover photo image to indicate that you are consulting online.

For this you can use the images that we have specially prepared to share your query online on your social networks, start by downloading this image for your Facebook cover photo for free.

2. Post a message or post on your wall directed directly to your patients.

Remember to post the most important information you want to convey to patients. Here's some text that you can copy and paste into your post:

Hello! Due to the new wave of COVID-19 infections, I want to remind you that by indication of the national health service, personalized attention is prioritized only in cases of emergency. In order not to stop your healthcare needs, I leave my online consultation service at your disposal. You can make your reservation through my online consultation calendar from my Doctoralia profile. (Paste here the URL link to your profile)

You can then download this Facebook post image for free to attach when you post your message.

Post on your Instagram

You can also communicate your online consultation service using the most powerful and free Instagram tools: feed images and stories.

1- Post an image on your Instagram feed.

We recommend that this image be accompanied by an explanatory text for patients on how to make an appointment reservation for their online consultation. You can copy the text of the previous point to complement your informative publication.

You can download this post image for Instagram for free.

2- Share the image in your stories.

You can also share the image that we indicated before in the Instagram Stories section. This section generally has higher visibility than the feed post image, but be careful because your story only stays posted for 24 hours. After this time has elapsed, the story disappears and you must republish it in this section to remind all your followers about your online consultation.

Make posts on your Linkedin profile

Although it is still widely used at the corporate level, Linkedin is another channel to take into account when communicating your query online, since it not only reaches the people who follow you or who you have in your network of contacts, but many of your activities can be seen by other people who have a connection with people in common with you.

1. Set the cover photo of your profile on Linkedin

That is why we suggest that you let your network of contacts know that you offer the online consultation service in a visible way, starting with setting a background image like this for your LinkedIn profile.

💡 We recommend that you see the set of illustrations ready to use in your social networks that we have prepared, with instructions on how to download them that you can see in this article.