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How to inform patients that you are consulting online?

The reality around us is changing every day, and it has a remarkable impact on the way we're working now. Let your patients know that they can feel safe and make their appointments online!

If you already have an online consultation, go to step 1. If you are just about to launch it for your patients, see step 0.

Step 0: Run an online consultation at DocPlanner

The first and most important step: enabling patients to make an appointment online via [insert the good DP name]. Why is it so important? Patients most often search for doctors and specialists using Google, where our service is located in the top 3 search results. At [insert the good DP domain], patients can also search only for specialists who offer consultations without leaving home.

Once they visit your profile, the information about the possibility of booking online consultations should definitely be visible and clear to them.

See what it looks like:

You can't overlook this information, right?
You can read more about how to launch an online consultation for your practice here.


Step 1: Send the campaign

If online consultations are already available on your profile, there is nothing else to do but send direct messages to your patients and inform them about it!

To send a campaign, open your Known Doctor calendar and select the Campaigns tab.

Then click the Create campaign button and follow the tool's intuitive instructions. You have no idea about the content of your marketing campaign for patients? Use the ready-made content that we have prepared for you.

📝 Sample e-mail message:

From now on, you can find me at [DP domain name] and arrange an appointment in three simple steps:

1. Visit my profile and choose a convenient date for your visit.
2. Complete the form with data.
3. Confirm your visit and you're done!

Make an appointment here: [link to profile]

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📝 Sample SMS message:

Hello, from now on I am conducting online consultations for patients. Reservation available at the link: [link to profile]

Step 3: Add the news on your website

Remember that apart from your profile in DocPlanner, your website is also an important source of information for patients. By adding a widget to it, you enable patients to arrange online consultations directly. How to do it? Detailed instructions can be found here.

Don't forget to constantly update the content on the website. Nowadays, where we are bombarded with a variety of information on all sides, it is worth ensuring a clear and easy-to-read message. A good idea is the so-called sliders on the home page.


Step 4: Set the cover photo and post on the Facebook page

The profile is updated, information is posted on the website - it's time for social media! To increase the visibility of your online practice on Facebook, take advantage of two options:

1. Set a background photo that tells you that you are conducting an online consultation.
2. Publish a message addressed directly to your patients.

An example post could look like this:

Social media is a topic that can be talked about and written about for hours. However, we collected the most important information in one place. Check out the article fully devoted to informing patients on Facebook and Instagram about online consultations.

Go to the article about social media.