How to add a voice intro?

Voice intros are a great way of sharing the most important information with your patient even before answering the phone.

To add new voice intro messages go into Docplanner Phone Settings > Voice intros.

You need to configure two messages:

  • Welcome message that will be played when patients call you during opening hours
  • Message that will be played when patients call outside of working hours

Voice intros are connected to opening hours that you set for your facility. Depending on the time of an incoming call, the correct message will be played to patients. 

Your welcome message should include name of the facility and information about call recording. It's also a good practice to provide patients with information about privacy policy. Message played outside of working hours can also include information about when the clinic is open.

Message format

  • Text - write down the message that will be read by a voice synthesizer
  • Recording - upload an mp3 file with a recorded message

When both messages are added, remember to Save changes.