How to add contacts?

You can upload your patient database in a single file or add contacts individually. If you use Docplanner Calendar your contacts will be synced automatically.

The Contacts tab can be accessed in Settings by users with Employee or Manager roles. 

Adding a file with database

First, prepare the file you want to upload. With the majority of agenda softwares you should be able to export a file with your patients' contact details.

Once your file is ready click on the Upload CSV button. Accepted file formats are: CSV, TSV and XLSX.

You will need to align data in your file with columns in the contact tab. 

Adding contacts manually

If you wish to add contacts manually, click on this option and then fill out all the fields with name, surname, phone and optionally type. Remember to save the contact.

Types of contacts

You can assign two types of contacts - employee and blocked. 

  • Employee - after tagging a contact with this type, the person calling the facility will not hear the voice intro
  • Blocked - contacts tagged as blocked will not be able to reach the clinic's number.

You can also leave the type field blank, which will be the case for the majority of regular contacts.

Setting contact priority

  • To mark a contact as important, click on the star next to the patient's name. This action will enable the patient to be placed at the beginning of the queue when they call your facility.

Contact base will be automatically updated every time a new number calls your facility. If you want to add a name to an existing number use the search bar available. 

Remember that you can also update patient's details directly on the task and these changes will also be reflected in the contact base. 

For information about how your patient's data is stored please refer to the Terms and Conditions.