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How to answer opinions received by the clinic doctors?

Learn how to see and answer to opinions received by doctors working in your clinic

Opinions build reputation, and they’re also one of the most important decision factors for patients while searching for a doctor or a clinic. Thanks to answering opinions you would: 

  • Build relationship with patients of your clinic.
  • Gain more visibility in doctor’s profile (published opinions are visible on both- clinic’s and doctor’s  profile).
  • Increase your chances of getting more bookings.

Select “My profile” and click “Opinions” to see the list of opinions received by the doctors working in the clinic.


The opinions are displayed in chronological order, along with who left the opinion and for which doctor. You can filter opinions not only by time and doctor, but also by keyword or address. 

After selecting Reply, you  can write a reply to the doctor’s opinion, and publish it, signed as a  clinic.


Published opinions are visible both on the clinic profile and the doctor profile, increasing clinics visibility.

Opinions can only be replied once. If the doctor is the first to reply to the opinion, the clinic can’t reply or edit the doctor’s opinion – and vice versa

Once the opinion is answered, the reply is also visible in the opinions panel.