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How to complete doctor profiles and edit permission to answer the opinions?

We show you how to access the doctors profiles from a single place and how to answer on theirs opinions on the profiles.

How to complete doctor profiles?
How to grant permission to edit profiles and answer opinions?

How to complete doctor profiles?

You can easily preview and access all doctor profiles from one central place. Simply select “My profile” and click “List of profiles”. 

GIF [same as in product]
Named edit_onboarding.webm or mov format: Edit


Here you can also see doctor profiles completeness and number of opinions per doctor at a glance.

Editing profiles 

When the doctor works just in your clinic, you will be able to edit all the information from the profile and the address of the doctor.

This includes: 

  • Profile picture and background photo
  • About me section 
  • Certificates
  • Photos and videos 
  • Education
  • Services 
  • Treated diseases 
  • Spoken languages 

When the doctor works in more than one address (other clinics or private consultations), you will only be able to edit the information related to the address of your clinic. 

That are: 

  • Insurances
  • Payment methods
  • Types of patients
  • News  


How do we distinguish these two doctor types?

For the doctors that only work in your clinic, you will see 3 buttons: “Preview” and “Edit” and edit address. 


For the doctors that work in more than one address, you will only see 2 buttons “Preview” and edit address. 



Address_onboarding.webm or in mov format Address.mov

Clinics managers decide who can edit doctors and clinic profiles. Access can be granted with just a few clicks [link to the HC article:  How to grant permission to edit profiles ?] 

How to grant permission to edit profiles and answer opinions?

See how to manage profile editing permissions in your clinic:

Clinic managers can decide who from the clinic staff can edit doctors and clinic profiles or answer opinions received by the doctors working in the clinic. Click “profile permissions” in the “Profiles list” and select users that you want to grant/remove access from.  

For every user you can select specific permission. For instance, you can grant access to profiles but not to opinions, or the other way around.

GIF [as in product walkthrough] 
permission_onboarding .webm or in mov format: Permissions