How to create accounts for employees?

Create an account for everyone who should have access to Docplanner Phone. As a manager you can create accounts for other users with manager and employee permissions.

To add new accounts go to Docplanner Phone Settings > Permissions.

At the bottom of the list you have the option to add new users.

After selecting this option, fill out the required fields: name, email address OR phone number and permissions level. 

  • User name can be edited later by the user in the user panel
  • Email address or phone number can not be changed. User will receive the invitation to their email and will be able to finish setting up their account. The invitation is valid for 7 days. If user didn't register during this time, the invitation can be resent by clicking the "Resend" button next to the user:
  • You can't invite the same user by adding both email address and phone number - choose which sign up method you prefer.
  • Decide whether the user should have Manager or Employee permissions. You can read more about differences in permission levels here.

⚠ Remember that adding a new user in Permissions means you will be giving them access to your clinic's contact information and sensitive data. Make sure to check carefully that the email or phone number of a new user are correct.

Managing permissions list

You have the options to:

  • rearrange the list - move users up and down on the list
  • edit permission levels
  • delete user permissions - it's very important to take employee's access away once they stop working at your clinic. Remember about this to protect patient's data.