Notifications for patients

How to enable Notes for patients in the DocPlanner Agenda?

Imagine you could remind your patients to bring the results of previous examinations or inform them that you only admit patients of a certain age in advance. That would be wonderful, right?

Notes help you to make sure that your patients have all the necessary information before meeting with you. We launched this feature to save your time, ensure more effective visits and provide your patients with a complex guidance.

💡 Important: Your patients are obliged to accept all of the Notes while booking the visit with you. Remember to put only the necessary information in here.


Setting up the Notes

1. Open your DocPlanner calendar and go to the Settings. Then choose Information for patients.

2. You’ll see a brief introduction to the feature and the button Add notes. Click the button.

3. Pick the calendar to which the Notes will apply by clicking on its name.

4. If your Notes will apply to all of your calendars, check the box Choose all calendars.

5. Check the boxes next to the Notes’ options you want to add.

6. Put information into the chosen Notes and click the Save changes button. You are good to go!

Modifying Notes for patients

You can always change the information you’ve put into the Notes.

1. Open your DocPlanner calendar and go to the Settings. Then choose Notes for patients.

2. Click on the pen icon and start modifying the Notes. 

3. Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button. Ready!

Patient’s view on Notes

  1. While booking the visit we show your Notes to the patient.
  2. We ask for the patient's confirmation with the Accept button.
  3. Patient carries on with the booking process by clicking on the Continue button.

💡 Important: The patient is obliged to accept all of the Notes to proceed with booking the appointment with you.