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How to make the most of the statistics dashboard?

How to view your clinic statistics to improve key visibility metrics: visits, reviews and bookings.

Statistics dashboard displays the most relevant metrics for clinics to track the impact of the marketplace on their business and easily spot opportunities for improvement and growth. 

You can use it to understand overall performance trend over time as well as detailed information such as: 

  • which doctors are the most popular among the patients (views), 
  • which doctors are contributors to the growth of the clinic (bookings), and
  • which ones are building the reputation of the clinic (opinions)

It will also help you spot what things can be improved and how the actions of the clinic in answering opinions, improving profiles have an impact on the key visibility metrics: views, opinions and bookings.

How does it work?

Select “Statistics" from the “My Profile” menu. You’ll be able to see the Statistics Dashboard with 3 charts presenting trends of  the 3 main metrics: bookings, traffic and opinions. On the top, you’ll be able to select the timeframe for which you want to analyze the data.



Once you click on the “View full report” for one of the metrics, you’ll be able to drill down on the data by doctor.  

Need to know: 

  • Profile views are not unique, which means that we don’t exclude the data if the same user enters several times to the profile of the doctor/clinic. 
  • Profile views dashboard: The total number appearing in the graphic is the sum of the views to the clinic and all the doctors working in the clinic. Clinics profile data is included in the table because it’s yet another source for the clinic to get traffic. 
  • Bookings dashboard: clinic will not appear in the table, as bookings to the clinic are made to a particular doctor. 

Opinions dashboard

In the Opinions dashboard you can find a chart presenting the evolution of the number of opinions in time. Below, you can see each doctor’s rating, the number of opinions they received and how many opinions are waiting for a reply. From here you can also reach the Opinions panel to reply to answered opinions.