Frequently Asked Questions

How to pause incoming calls?

Whether you are going on a short break or need to give your full attention to patients at your clinic, pausing incoming calls can help you manage your telephone traffic more efficiently.

How to set a pause?

To access the pause option click on your profile menu in the top right corner. Then click to "Pause incoming calls" and choose the length of your pause from the dropdown menu. You can choose time periods between 5 minutes and 30 minutes. 

Enabling a pause is only possible when the user is logged into a workstation.

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Once you pause incoming calls you will see a banner on top of the screen with information about pause duration, as well as possibility to adjust it. If you want to adjust the duration, click on "Extend pause duration" button and add the desired amount of time. 

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What happens when you're on pause?

  • During your pause you will appear as "away", which is indicated by the status next to your avatar changing from the green dot to a grey one.
  • Calls will not be directed to your workstation and the phone will not ring.
  • Patients will wait on the line listening to waiting music.

Resuming incoming calls

Your pause will end automatically after the set amount of time. To resume receiving calls before the scheduled pause duration ends, simply click on the "I'm available again" button. 

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☎️ After resuming your calls make sure to return any calls you may have missed when you were away. You will find the list of these calls in the "Pending" section. 

When is this feature useful?

  1. While serving patients in person:
    You can use the pause feature to maintain a quiet environment while serving patients in person. Follow the same steps to pause incoming calls for the necessary duration. Remember to finish the pause as soon as you're able to answer calls again.
  2. When you're tasked with making outbound calls only:
    When the tasks at the reception desk are distributed between a few people and your primary task is making outbound calls and calling patients back, pausing incoming calls will let you make calls smoothly, uninterrupted by incoming traffic.
  3. During your break:
    When you go on a scheduled break during your shift. Whenever possible, try to schedule your breaks when there is someone else present, who can take care of any incoming calls in the meantime.