How to search for specific calls?

Docplanner Phone search allows you for locating a specific call based on a range of criteria.

The search tool can be used for many different purposes, for example:

  • Looking up patient's call history
  • Getting back to a finished conversation with a patient to check if all the necessary information was exchanged
  • Locating a specific call to confirm what happened in case of misunderstandings
  • Checking all calls marked with the same subject or calling the same number (for marketing purposes)

You can access the search from 2 levels:

1. Search bar on top of the screen

2. "All" tab

To find specific calls in which you're interested you can search using: patient's name, surname, phone number, subject of the task, phone number the patient called to (source) and employee who managed the task. You can also select a date range in which the call took place.