Opening ranges and absence

How to use advance settings in DocPlanner Agenda?

We give you the opportunity to plan your work hours in a much better way. Set up different schedules for new and recurrent patients and adjust them to specific services with advanced settings.


Patients' view in the booking process

💡Important: You can set up different working hours for new and recurrent patients or specific services.

1. Patients choose the service for which they want to book an appointment.

2. They select if it's their first visit with you.

3. All the configured working hours are shown based on selected conditions. (3)-2

Enable advanced settings in your schedule

1. Open your DocPlanner agenda and go to the Settings. Then choose Calendars.

2. You’ll see the list of your calendars. Click on one of them.

3. All of your working hours for this agenda will appear here, if not - set them up here.

4. Now click on the button Adjust schedule next to one of the working hours.

5.  Select to what services your patients can book in this working hours.

6. To set particular services, choose them from the list.

7. Now, choose to which patients you want to show this working hours.

8. As the last step in this view, choose from the list if your conditions are valid for every 1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks.

9.Now click the Save button on the right bottom corner to finish this step.

10. The only thing left is to click the Save button on the top right corner. And you're ready to go!


💡 Important: You need to adjust all of your calendars separately.