Inform patients about their position in line

The line position announcement feature enables your patients to receive information about their position in line while they are waiting to connect to the reception. Learn more about the setup and functionality below.

Patient experience

If you enable this feature, patients who call your facility will hear: 
  • Voice intro message as usual, 
  • Voice menu message (if enabled)
  • Waiting music
  • Information about position in line (if they fall into the queue)

The message is played after 10 seconds and then updated and played every 60 seconds.

For the line position announcement to be played, patients have to be in the queue, which means they will NOT hear this message if the call is already assigned to a workstation and waiting for the receptionist to answer. This is illustrated on the following example:

Docplanner - Phone 2022-01-19 11-55-57

How to enable the function?

In order to enable the line position announcement go to Settings > Voice intros
At the bottom of the page you have the option to activate the feature. Switch it on using the toggle and save changes.

line position switch

The message is automatic so there is no further configuration required.