How to set call priority to a channel or a patient?

Setting the priority option will result in moving the caller to the top of the queue, which means reaching the reception quicker! ⭐

  • Channel priority
    In order to mark a channel as important, go to the Channels tab in Settings. Next to the channel you want to set priority to, select a star on the left side of the list. 
    Once the number has priority set, it will appear in the interface with a gold label and patients calling this number will be placed at the top of the queue.

  • Patient priority
    You can give priority to any chosen patient in the Contacts tab in Settings. Simply click on the star next to the contact.

    You can also set or delete patient's priority directly from a task. To do that, you need to open the task tile and mark or unmark priority by clicking on the star in the section with patient's details.


👉 Channel priority and patient priority work equally.