Stages of the call

In Docplanner Phone interface you can see all the calls live, from the moment the patient starts calling you. Find out more about different stages of the calls and how to manage them.

Incoming calls

  • Intro message

When the patients starts calling a task will appear in the interface. At this stage the patient is listening to the intro message. The phone doesn't ring yet and call can't be answered at this stage. If the patient disconnects during the intro, the call becomes abandoned - it will disappear from the Pending and move to Abandoned.

  • Calling

After the patient finishes listening to the intro message, incoming call will be directed to one of the active workstations. You will be able to answer the call as well as see how long the patient is waiting on the line. 

*If your facility has more than 1 workstation and the first one will not answer, the call will be directed to another workstation after ~25 seconds.

  • On the line

When you answer the call you will see that you’re on the line with the patient. You can easily check what was the last subject the patient was calling with, set a subject of the current call, report a problem with the call (e.g. audio quality is bad) or add a comment about this specific task.

  • Call ended

Once the call is finished, the main action is to set the subject of the call. After doing so the task will be moved to the Closed tab. All the important information linked to this task (call recording, subject, option to report a problem with a call) will still be available.

  • Unanswered call

If the call was not answered in time and the patient hung up you will see an Unanswered call task. Main action to take is to call the patient back using a dedicated button included on the task.

In case if one patient called several times, there will be one callback task created.

Outgoing calls

  • Callbacks

When making a callback you will see in the interface which patient or number you are trying to connect to. If the patient answers the call, the flow will look the same as with the incoming calls described above. If the patient doesn't answer the task will go back to its original, unanswered stage.

  • Outgoing calls

You can also call the patient without a prior incoming call from them. Depending on how your clinic's settings are configured you may have a new task created for this call or not. If the task is created you can proceed in the same way as with other calls.