What are subject categories?

Subjects in Docplanner Phone are divided into 3 main categories: information, visit booked and visit not booked. Here you can find the type of information that should be included in these categories.

 👉 The subject for a given conversation should always be set during or right after the finished call and should describe what was the outcome of that call.

  • Information

This category should include subjects based on patients' questions which are not directly regarding booking a visit.


- Appointment price

- Opening hours


  • Visit not booked

These subjects describe the reasons why patients don't choose to book an appointment. They are very important to track, as they have a direct impact on clinic's revenue. For this reason, they should be as detailed as possible. 


- No availability (surgeon)

- Price too high (ultrasonography)

👉 In case of more general topics, eg. service unavailable, it's also a good practice to add a short comment describing what type of visit the patient was seeking. 


  • Visit booked

Here, you should have all services available in your clinic added as subjects. Every time a call ends with patient booking a visit, a subject from this category should be set. 


- Pediatric consultation

- Health balance


Subjects in each of the categories should be customized to your clinic. 😊

Users with manager permissions can access the Settings tab in Docplanner Phone and adjust the subjects accordingly by adding, deleting, editing or changing the order.