To-do tasks

To-do tasks can help to better organize receptionists' work by replacing traditional sticky notes that are often used, eg. to write down patient's contact details. 🗒

Tasks in the to-do tab in Docplanner Phone interface:

  • are shared between all users and visible for every user regardless of the permissions level
  • are not automatically archived like pending tasks - they will be visible until the user closes the task by setting a subject (the button to set the subject can be found under the three dots)

  • users can verify what needs to be done in regards to a given task by listening to the recording available in every task


There are two ways to create a to-do task from an answered call:

  • Click on "set subject" button and write your comment at the bottom of the window in the to-do section, eg. ask dr Smith for patient's prescription. Then, click save. 
  • Alternatively, click on the task that you want to mark as to-do and expand it. Write down any important information in the comment section and then click on the button "Mark as to-do".

👉 Regardless of which option you choose, the task will be transferred to the to-do tab:


💡 What if the task you want to set as to-do is not related to a specific call you have in the interface?

You can add a new task from the to-do tab. Check out how to do it here!