Getting started

User panel

User panel is available after logging in to your Docplanner Phone account.

If you want to see the options available, open the user panel in the top right corner by clicking on the arrow. You will see a drop-down list of all the settings. 

The options available here are: change workstation, enable notifications, pause incoming calls, user settings and log out.


1) Change workstation

If there is more than one workstation available in the clinic, you can change it at any moment. Changing workstation means changing the device on which you want to receive calls.

If you have manager permissions you don't have to log into any workstation. 

⚠ Choosing a workstation is obligatory for users with employee permissions - otherwise receiving calls and performing callbacks would be impossible. 


2) Enable notifications

If you enable browser notifications, every time a patient calls, additionally to the phone ringing you will also get a pop-up in the browser. 

The notifications will be visible when the browser is open.


3) Pause incoming calls

  • This option is available for users who are logged into a workstation.
  • After pausing the calls the user will be inactive - this status is visible next to the user avatar and it is marked by the grey dot:
  • When the pause is set, a grey panel will appear at the top of the screen - here you can find the information about remaining pause time, as well as adjust it, by adding next 5-minute slots. You can also finish your pause earlier by clicking on the "I'm back" option. 

 💡 What happens with the calls when you pause them?

- the patients will be waiting on the line and listening to waiting music

- the calls will be visible in the panel

- your workstation will not ring

Once you're back and ready to answer calls again, make sure to call back the patients whose calls were missed 📞


4) User settings

  • In User settings you have the option to add or change your avatar and your username. These elements will be visible for other users in the main interface. 


  • In Security you can change your password

⚠ For security reasons, remember about a regular password change. If you suspect that  somebody else may have had access to your login details, please make sure to immediately change your password. 


5) Log out

Log out of the interface once you're finished working 😊