What is the voice menu and how to set it up?

Voice menu is a feature that enables your patients to choose a topic they are calling with in order to direct their call to a specific workstation. Find out more about how to set it up and when to use it!

Voice menu can be configured for your facility to enable categorizing incoming calls as well as routing them to chosen workstation. When enabled, patients calling your facility will hear an additional message played, where they will be informed about possible options to choose on their keyboard in order to select a subject of the conversation or connect to a specific department. 

Examples of use

  • Propose subjects of conversation that patients might be calling with and assign them to specific reception workstations - for example, if you want one of your receptionists to handle booking doctors appointments and another to sign patients up for vaccinations or tests.
  • Give patients the possibility to make direct contact with different departments - for example if they have an inquiry about their invoice, they can talk directly to the financial department.
  • Make use of the priorities function: if you want specific subject conversations to be received quicker than others, you can select the priority for the subject - for example, if you want patients who are cancelling their appointments to reach the reception quicker than others.

How to set it up?

In order to enable the voice menu you need to go into Docplanner Phone Settings > Voice menu. 

Start from configuring menu options, so that they suit your needs. Select the number and then assign the label and choose which workstations should receive calls with this topic. You can choose from reception and non-reception workstations!

Docplanner - Phone 2022-01-14 21-28-03

⚠ Remember: key '0' is by default assigned the option of all reception workstations and cannot be changed.


Once the voice menu options are set up, you can compose a message that your patients will hear, informing them what options they can choose from. Similarly to voice intros, you can use a text message or a recording in mp3 format.

Docplanner - Phone 2022-01-14 21-32-59

Remember to save changes.
Docplanner - Phone 2022-01-17 15-30-08

Last thing you need to do is to enable the feature by using the switch on top of the page. 

Docplanner - Phone 2022-01-14 21-35-36

It will take a moment for the changes to be saved. Once everything is set up, be sure to make a test call to check if everything works well.

Patient experience

When your patients call the clinic, they will hear the voice intro message (e.g. welcoming them and informing about call recording and GDPR) and then the voice menu message with information about interacting with the menu.

The voice menu message is played twice and if the patient doesn’t choose any option they will be automatically directed to all reception workstations. Next, patients listen to waiting music until their call is answered or they choose to disconnect.

Reception perspective

When a patient chooses one of the voice menu options, the label of this option will appear on task, right next to the channel label. This can inform you about the subject patient chose even before answering the call! 😊

The label will be visible on unanswered calls as well so it can help you organize the process for callbacks and make sure you reach more urgent patients quicker. 📞

Docplanner - Phone 2022-01-14 21-49-53

If a non-reception workstation is chosen, task will automatically disappear from interface and the call will not be recorded. If the call is not answered by the chosen non-reception destination within 2 minutes, the call will be routed back to the reception and task will be visible again, with the voice menu label assigned.